Report to members and financial statements

The Report to members and the audited financial statements provide information about the pension plan's financial situation, investment performance, membership and services delivered to members. Before 2012, this information was published together in the pension plan annual report.

Canada Post Pension Plan 2019 Report to members Canada Post Corporation Registered Pension Plan 2019 Financial statements
2019 Complete Report to members 2019 Summary Report to members 2019 Financial statements
2018 Complete Report to members 2018 Summary Report to members 2018 Financial statements
2017 Report to members   2017 Financial statements
2016 Report to members   2016 Financial statements
2015 Report to members   2015 Financial statements
2014 Report to members   2014 Financial statements
2013 Report to members   2013 Financial statements
2012 Report to members   2012 Financial statements
2011 Annual report
2010 Annual report
2009 Annual report
2008 Annual report
2007 Annual report
2006 Annual report
2005 Annual report
2004 Annual report
2003 Annual report
2002 Annual report
2001 Annual report

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